Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why I've heard enough about Obama

I am a self proclaimed Obamamania simply because this guy inspires me to aspire for greatness. During his victory speech I shed tears just like others at the Chicago Square.
Of late however I think I've had enough of his stories and I now want a break! That is why I cannot read any of his earlier books despite the fact that I've never read them before.

The simple reason is that he has already triumphed, and it was actually sweeter to have read them during the caucases amidst the uncertainties regarding his candidacy.
The greatest lesson I've learnt from Obama's story is that during a struggle and when I'm facing challenges and many unknowns, that is when life is sweetest and makes sense.

Therefore upon achieving a milestone I should move on to other challenges after brief celebrations rather that living in the dream of the associated nolstagia.
Could you kindly move on my friend, the battle is over and victory is all yours! There is a lot more waiting to be conquired, plan to be the hero of the next battle.

IN MY WORLD:The cockroach menace

It is amazing the way Doom, the famous insect killer keeps changing face and names.Recently it was Mortein Doom with eggkiller, now it is called Fast-Kill. I have an issue though that cockroaches in my home are still a menace. Well, Doom somehow helps but after sometime all hell breaks loose with more cockraches.

Could anyone advise on how to deal with cockroaches once and for all?
Deviating a bit, I found that cockroaches eat tomatoes, carrots and even raw sphaghetti, now that is really unpalatable piece of information.

Monday, January 5, 2009

MY THOUGHTS: The thin line between sleep and laziness

Scenario 1:
Every morning I really struggle to wake up even when previous night sleep was hard to come by. This leads me to wonder whether sleep becomes sweetest in the morning or does laziness kick in, or do both occur simultaneously.
Scenario 2:
It is a hot afternoon after lunch,either heavy or a light meal.But there is a problem. I'm feeling drowsy and can hardly stay awake.I'm not fatigued coz I havent been busy anyway.Now, is this sleep creeping in or am I just lazy again?
Scenario 3:
Today I'm really bored and moody.My mind wanders around and before I realise it I'm yawning. Sooner than later sleep comes knocking. Again I wonder,is it laziness,boredom or sleep.
The short life I have lived makes me conclude that unless I'm tired,fatigued and have had a full day,then any feeling masqueriding as sleep is laziness.
In Proverbs we are told that a man who loves sleep will come to nought.We are also warned not to be lazy lest poverty overtake us like vagabonds.
Just a thought to build on.Sleep is good but it's not an excuse to be lazy

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Owing to my renewed focus and vision for a better Kenya, the official Robmwa's world makes a radical cross-over with improved content to

The original blog will be reduced to two main topics namely:
1. In my world- whereby I will update on my plans, diary and escapades
2. My thoughts-focussing on books am reading, inspirational thoughts among other reflections.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

My blog layout

To make this blog more fun n interactive,my stories and posts will be under 6 categories to be updated at least weekly.By subscribing you may also send me your posts for publishing.The regular columns will be:1.THIS N THAT-a commentary of my escapades,drama and the lighter side of life 2.FAT CATS DIARY-a commentary on Kenyan politics and other emerging issues 3.NAIROBI STOCKS N SENSE-This is where i give a run-down on the week that was at Nairobi stock exchange as we try to make sense out of business and corporate events. 4.WANJIKU N HER WOES-A commentary of a day in the life of an ordinary Kenyan,the hussles and struggles as well as an advocacy for better governance 5.THE LOUNGE-a commentary on books, showbiz,entertainment business,anything just to relax you 6.MY THOUGHTS-a commentary on reflections and inspiration for a better world. Welcome to my exciting world and join me today by suscribing to this blog! Truly Yours, RobMwa.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Alvaro versus Novida

We have recently been treated to intrigues and marketing gimmicks as East African Breweries and Cocacola,makers of Alvaro and Novida malt drinks respectively outdo each other screaming non-alcoholic! Of course it makes sense for EABL to say so since it offers alcoholic drinks.In contrast is cocacola trying to tell us that coke,fanta etc may be alcoholic? It is the case of a marketing strategy gone awry!

Facebook's peeping toms!

The other day i updated my facebook profile and said i was in a complicated relationship.soon as i was walking in town i met a friend who had serious issues with my profile! another day i hinted i was partying and a friend enquired why i abruptly went to blogging later without updating how the party went! are you a facebook peeping tom or what are your experiences with such guys?