Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why I've heard enough about Obama

I am a self proclaimed Obamamania simply because this guy inspires me to aspire for greatness. During his victory speech I shed tears just like others at the Chicago Square.
Of late however I think I've had enough of his stories and I now want a break! That is why I cannot read any of his earlier books despite the fact that I've never read them before.

The simple reason is that he has already triumphed, and it was actually sweeter to have read them during the caucases amidst the uncertainties regarding his candidacy.
The greatest lesson I've learnt from Obama's story is that during a struggle and when I'm facing challenges and many unknowns, that is when life is sweetest and makes sense.

Therefore upon achieving a milestone I should move on to other challenges after brief celebrations rather that living in the dream of the associated nolstagia.
Could you kindly move on my friend, the battle is over and victory is all yours! There is a lot more waiting to be conquired, plan to be the hero of the next battle.

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